2024 InMotion Competition Season
2024 InMotion Competition Season

STADT/Dance Masters of America #3

S.T.A.D.T/DMA #3 is an organization of dance teachers certified to teach dance by testing or college degree in which Twin Arts has been a member of since the mid 1960s.  Students attending the annual conventions are given the opportunity to study with some of the leading names in the dance industry.  With classes are taught in all genres of dance our students are able to enhance their technique and skill level.    

Scholarships are awarded each year to further the dance education of the student in ballet, tap, jazz, and acrobatics. Twin Arts’ students consistently place high in the overall ratings and are recipients of a number of these scholarships.

Competitions are held for the highest levels of dance for duets and groups.  Twin Arts is always proud of their high placement during these events.   


To round out the season, title competitions are held with those winners representing Chapter #3 at the national level each summer.  Twin Arts is home of Junior Miss Dance of Texas 1991, Petite Miss Dance of Texas 2015, Petite Miss Dance of Texas 2016, Petite Miss Dance of Texas 2017 and Junior Miss Dance of Texas 2017, Kiss Dance of Texas 2018, Petite Miss Dance of Texas 2019, Junior Miss Dance of Texas, Teen Miss Dance of Texas 2019, and Teen Miss Dance of Texas 2020


Twin Arts is proud of the long relationship with STADT/DMA #3.  The two have worked together to produce some of the studio’s finest dancers.



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