2024 InMotion Competition Season
2024 InMotion Competition Season

Class Information


Registration - $65.00 Per Year 

Monthly Tuition:

 1 Class Per Wk: $80
 2 Classes Per Week: $115
 3 Classes Per Week: $150
 4 Classes Per Week: $185
 5 Classes Per Week $220
 A $5 discount is available when tuition is paid through automatic withdrawl on the 1st or the 5th of each month.

 Return Check/ACH - $30.00



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Class Availability

There are usually multiple time slots for basic and lower level classes. Between September 1st and November 15th, students may move to another day and time into a class of the same or lower level providing there is space available.

Tots - Special developed creative movement classes are offered for the youngest of our rising stars. Helping increase motor skills while learning to play and interact with children their own age as well as learning to take instructions from other adults beside their parents, gives our smallest dancers a strong start over the older beginner.


Ballet/Tap Combination - This combination class is used as a catalyst for the layering of technique needed to build the accomplished dancer. Ballet, the basis of all dance, is intricate to every art form taught at Twin Arts, while Tap gives the dancer a number of skills to the student such as balance, rhythm, and coordination.


Jazz - An art form that came to life the 1950’s is a favorite subject a the studio. Jazz, ever evolving, is taught in a separate class from the other dance classes in the younger years. It allows the student to expand their sensse of style and their freedom of movement.

Ballet, Tap/Jazz - As a student progresses with their skill level and ability, the core dance classes are grouped differently. This enables the student to increase their knowledge of ballet thus helping them develop a well-rounded dancer.

Pointe - Available to students that have developed the skills needed for this demanding class.

Lyrical - Offered as a separate class, this beautiful art form is a stylized cross between ballet, jazz, and contemporary.

Contemporary - A stylized form of dance based on ballet and modern techniques.


Leaps and Turns - A specialized classed developed to enhance the dancer's technique

Acrobatics - Students will learn the art of acrobatics and tumbling technique.

Hip Hop - Cross between jazz and break dance often seen in music videos.

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